Established Sales Experts in
Silicon Valley

It starts here and spreads around the world. Our roots in Silicon valley, surrounded by deep connections to successful entrepreneurs, Investors and Enterprise customers has enabled over $100 million in revenues.

There are only two critical processes that count in business: Selling & Upselling. We target influencers & decision makers to help them achieve goals, solve problems, and buy - what you are selling.

And then, we assist with Up-sell's that add to the Life-time value of a Customer.

Fast Returns

Our sales team will learn & sell your products/ services
quickly and effectively, closing deals according to your terms,
modeled or remodeled on your existing contracts.

SDI operates as an extension of your existing business to
promote and sell your products & services as direct
ambassadors of your brand to our vast network of
clients and business enablers.

Network & Connections

SDI establishes connections and introductions to promote your brand across a broad spectrum of networks.

Leveraging our existing relationships with clients and partners,
along with CxO advisory boards and other business communities
we develop and participate in, we are able to target high potential opportunities in almost any industry.

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