Entrepreneurs & Startups

Building Businesses

Building a business is tough. Entrepreneurs and startups persevere because they had an epiphany and are committed.

Silicon valley has a culture of spawning start-ups that turn into massive successes. SDI has provide support, execution, resources and funding access to over 1500 startups on the path to great success and growth.

Multi-faceted Startup Resources

SDI provides multi-faceted startup resources by building websites,
developing mobile apps, creating content and connecting them to investors & business opportunities to help them grow.

Our tech expertise, and business networks are invaluable to
startups and entrepreneurs.

Spread the Word

Get the marketing ball rolling on time. It's tough to convert customers who've never
heard of your company, so it's vital to start building awareness early.

SDI's marketing services offer several cost effective strategies for building viral
growth and high visibility, so that you'll be noticed and rewarded.

Seek Investment

SDI has strong connections to angel investors
and venture capital firms.

We assist in preparing the pitch, creating required
business plans and tech documents, protecting your idea
and building prototypes to assist entrepreneurs in
conveying their vision and securing funding.

Lets discuss how you can get started on the right footing